So here it is!

Hello, everyone! This is the OFFICIAL first post of Capital Truth, a spinoff of Capital View, a comedy podcast. However, Capital Truth will be a politically based podcast. 

So where do I stand on things? That’s easy. In the MIDDLE. I don’t lean right, I don’t lean left. I am right in the middle. Quite frankly both sides have ideas that would make this country stronger and more united. However, they can’t seem to see through their own political rhetoric long enough to make things right. 

What’s the purpose? Well, I hope to inspire other Americans to look beyond the partisan rhetoric and see the truth: That all politicians are party driven, campaign contributor representing, scoundrels! Okay, maybe scoundrels is a strong word. I would like to see people realize that politicians WANT us divided as a nation along party lines. They want that because as long as the nation is divided we pose no threat. Unification scares the shit out of them! 

So, with that said, welcome to Capital Truth, where politics really does meet the middle road! 


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