Just when Truth is what we need.

So, we went away for a while. We occasionally popped in to share something here and there. But we couldn’t afford the time needed to really delve into the shitstorm that has become our great nation.

There’s STILL a systemic problem with our police forces in this country, we have, arguably, the two WORST presidential candidates ever produced by the two major parties AND we are dealing with violence, both domestically and internationally.

Of course, it’s not like our return is going to prevent some cataclysmic event, but our hope is that we can arm the people with the truth. No political alignments and rhetoric. But a good analysis of the facts. And in the coming months, leading up to the election, we will follow the issues and police the integrity of them.

We understand that our opinion of the truth may not always be popular. But understand that we will NEVER manipulate facts. We will present facts and then our opinion, never confusing the two.

-Allen Keith



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