What Sets Trump’s Comments Apart From Actual Locker Room Talk

Athletes across the nation have come out to condemn Donald Trump for legitimizing his comments heard on audio that was leaked last week. In the recording, Trump brags to Billy Bush about how he can’t control himself around beautiful women. In a midnight video apology, Trump called the comments “locker room talk.” And athletes everywhere disagree.

I was once an athlete. Then I went into the military. And then I coached athletes. I’ve been in locker rooms and CP’s. Both of which you hear “locker room talk.” And lots of it. You might hear one guy talking about the previous night’s sexual conquest or failure. Someone might be talking about a woman he saw at a gas station or mall. Another might be talking about the woman he’s had an eye on for a while. And they all talk about that they would like to do to those women…if GIVEN the opportunity. “Given” is the operative word in that sentence.

See, what really sets Trump’s comments apart from what is actually discussed in locker rooms is that Trump’s comments had a certain tone. It sounded a lot like “Rich Entitlement” but mostly, it sounded like sexual assault.

See, while athletes might discuss things of sexual nature, they most absolutely do not talk about forcing themselves onto women. See, there’s a reason why this happens, in my opinion. Having been around sports. And the reason is simple but subtle. The reason is that all throughout their careers, from youth leagues to college, parents are a major part of that experience. In particular, the moms are the ones that always get stuck with “team” duties. The moms are real important. And not just a single players mom. All moms.

Through that experience, I believe that athletes are more prone to develop a deeper respect for women. But, let’s face it, men will be men and will talk about off color things when a bunch of them get together. But, let one person say something about assaulting a woman and the conversation will shift swiftly.

What Donald Trump said on that bus went far beyond “locker room talk.” His words solidified a long standing belief held amongst the majority of Americans: If you’re rich, you can do whatever you want. That’s what he was really saying that day. And there are numerous reports, lawsuits and articles to back up his belief.

Donald’s message was loud and clear that day.




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