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A Path Forward?

This is an interesting time to live in America. There is a divide in this nation and no end in sight. The politicians that We The People voted into office continue their centuries long act of never fixing anything because they are trying to fix everything, but doing it along party lines. The result is much of the same: Half the nation feels disenfranchised and whatever gets passed is total manure. But, the party that passes whatever ill-thoughtout bill gets to all gather in the atrium for a photo op afterwards while the other party’s members gaggle in front of television cameras to tell America how badly they’ve just been screwed.

Take for example the new healthcare legislation in the Senate right now. We have all heard the MSM reports and the talking heads with a (D) next to their name say that the Republicans were drafting this legislation in private, without the assistance of the Democrats. In fact, most in these categories demonize the Right for not even letting them read the bill. Harsh treatment from those with short memories. Let’s not forget that the ACA wasn’t exactly bipartisan in nature. While, Yes, there were portions of the legislation that were adopted from Republican recommendations through committee reviews, actual input was around zip. And, because politics on Capitol Hill is akin to a daycare playground, politics are tantrum driven and often vengeful in actions. So the Democrats didn’t fully include the Republicans, the Republicans will completely exclude the Democrats in the drafting of the AHCA.

Everywhere you look in Washington, there’s hypocrisy. One needs to look no further than our own President’s Twitter feed to find a wealth of hypocritical statements. Like all the times he criticized Obama’s golf habits only to golf every weekend while in the midst of setting up a new administration and pushing his legislative agenda (or lack thereof). How about all the times he criticized Obama for wasting money on taxpayer funded vacations only to spend roughly $3 Million a week going to Mar-a-Lago for just about every weekend since he’s been President. And if you want to waste a few days of your life, you can feel free to scroll through Trump’s feed on your own time and find a wealth of ridiculous statements filled with hypocrisy. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m just using the President as an example. I’m not saying that you can’t find a TON of hypocrisy laced statements from Democrats. They are part of the problem, as well.

What it all really boils down to is that none of the people residing in DC, holding elected seats, care about you or I. And that’s a broad statement, but I stand by it. The reason I stand by it is that they don’t talk to the people they are drafting legislation about and if they do, anything said falls on deaf ears. They have zero personal interest in the people that their laws affect. They are removed from their communities and ordered by higher powers (i.e. their respective party organization – the GOP and the DNC) to not engage and to follow the national agendas. Talking points, legislation…it all comes down to those higher powers and what they want. And what do they want? Whatever benefits them financially, as individuals and as a party. This will continue for the foreseeable future unless we change course.

We need to stop voting in the wealthy elite, the politically connected and those who simply step in line. We need to look towards the “common man” that represents what we want our future to be, community leaders and those who have served in the military. This is the way forward. Bowing down to the leadership of ANY political organization is slavery to the organized wealthy elite. I see zero reason as to why all races, religions, all levels of wealth, all sexual orientations, etc. should not be represented by a true reflexion of their beliefs. The only way to do that, is to vote in everyday people.

But, that will never happen. Why? Because this is the United States of America. Where the only color that matters is green, “affordable healthcare” means “if you can afford it, you get healthcare”, and where oil makes the world go round. And that’s the truth.


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